Eddie Barmore

Profile Updated: July 9, 2018
Spouse/Partner: Best friend decided to call it quits. 5/10/10
Children: Jason Nolen Born 85, Yep I know, Right out of the bull pin on this one,
Trent Edward Born 89
Abby More…Ruth Born 97
Wyatt Cain Born 99
Occupation: Civil Engineering Contractor
25 Random Things About Me

1. I always liked backpacking,
2. Like to always go somewhere I never been, even if its out in the out back of places.
3. Always like to help a fellow man for the good.
4. Like boating.
5. Like to fly small air craft.
6. Like to cook for family and friends all the time.
7. Like deserted islands and hang out for a few days at a time.
8. Like to sit and listen to old-timers - where they where born and hear their life story.
9. Like to work in different places. (Not a desk guy)
10. Like to show people what I can do, instead of tell them.
11. I have been showed how to help others that cannot help themselves.
12. I will takes the good over the greater.
13. I don't choose my friends, I let them choose me.
14. Love movies based on true stories.
15. I have a book called, A Thousand places to visit before you die" that I am up to 46, That I only choose 108 out of to go to.
16. I always have regretted not going into the Army after taking the the test in 85, even now after I do some work with them now.
17. I am a GOD fearing man, (not a Bible thumper),
But I will fight for him and knock a person on their ass to stand up for what's right. (taught to me by a old timer).
18. For all the crazy things I've seen and done, I still have all my fingers and toes.
19. I have one tattoo,
20. I know how I want to end up in life when the time comes.
21. I sit in on a lot of big meetings (in my book ), that I don't care for, For work, At this date and time.
22. I Had 17 broken bones as the date of 7 /7 /18 and one was my neck, and had a few stitches. and yes I am not doing those certain things anymore the potentially could break my bones.
23. Had four surgeries since 2011 on my bones.
24. Am 6-1 and at 205 and am with club 52 right now.
25. I don't know how much longer I got in this life, But I always told my self that I am going to see and do as much as I can to see God's creation before I go in to the the next life, I don't want to be 65 and say I did not go out and adventure this life.
26. I really did not settle down until I was 38. But still unsettled.

College attended:

Well? 22 parties at 6 diff colleges if that means any thing.

Religious Affiliation:

Time with the kids.



What have you been up to since 1984?

Read the book when it comes out,

Who or what has impacted your life the most since High School?

My kids.


Traveled for a few years working in and out of the country.
I've spent a while down in the Pacific, In the last few years but I decided to spend those last few years of those who need me the most.
Dad 81 and kicking and swinging.

If given a choice, would you do high school all over again?


School Story:

Buddies - Football games - Building floats - Weekend parties.
Getting stopped by the cops with 14 people in the car from a party we had left.
My buddy getting his car hung up on a tree in front of the office doing donuts, What year was that car Hector?
The 9th and 10th grades? I was always thinking some of the teachers were going to come to my house and kill me in my sleep for some of the things us guys were pulling in class.
It gets really crazy after that.

What kind of person were you in High School?


What has been your biggest surprise in life?

That I have lived this long

Favorite High School Teachers:

All the Teachers wanted me dead,
So did not have one.

Favorite Music:


Favorite Movies:

Man from snowy river

Favorite Vacation Spots:

In a lawn chair, On the back of my boat,

Favorite Sports:

Not really a sports guy.

Favorite Quote:

When you get tired of your own shit,
Take your head out of your ass,

Favorite Hobbies:

Flying and Boating,

Favorite Books:

A thousand Places to visit before you die.

If you were given $1 million tax-free, what would you do with it?

Dig a deep hole,

Organizations that you are a member of or socialize with:

Military Access, Corporation of ca, Owner.
CCB of Oregon.
Contractor board of Cal.
Business Men's Fellowship USA, ( Council Member)
E.C.V Monterey Viejo Chapter 1846,

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the reunion?

A few gals to kiss and a few guys to punch,
( no names)

What about you would surprise everyone?

I showed up?

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